Creswell First!

Our Community Foundation


Creswell First! was created to help encourage and facilitate helpful projects in Creswell, Oregon.


We are a community foundation intended to help local projects succeed.


We have gone through the time and cost of becoming a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation so that qualifying short term or long term projects can exist under our umbrella.

Our Mission

Connecting people who care with causes that matter for the betterment of Creswell.


In addition to our donor advised funds and regular work:

  • Be a resource or directing people to resources that exist.
  • Encourage co-sponsorships and co-promotion.
  • Act as a neutral convener, when needed promoting the betterment of Creswell when our town or its people are faced with challenges.


  • Donors
  • Organizations
  • Volunteers
  • Businesses


  • Legal and nonprofit eligible.
  • Direct to resources like Go Fund Me, but don’t replicate.
  • Open to opportunities to support businesses, scholarships, projects and programs… even the very small.


  • Positively impacting Creswell and the lives of its residents, while doing no harm.

What it doesn’t mean

  • Competing with other organizations.  We would rather be a resource or work with them.
  • Help elevate other efforts and organizations and direct people to the special interests that exist.

Our Vision

Creswell First! envisions a Creswell that is thriving and working together by sharing personal service and resources.

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Our Values

We advance our mission and work towards our vision through…

  • Respect for all people
  • Commitment to innovation and effectiveness
  • Flexibility and the capacity to think big
  • Cultivation of opportunities for positive impact
  • Collaboration, not competition