Getting started is really pretty easy...

It starts first with a great idea. We believe projects spring up and are fostered by the community and our job is to help them thrive.

Here are some easy steps...

Find Friends Who Want to Help

Creswell First! can help as long as it fits within our mission statement.  It's even better if it fits our vision and values!

Develop a Plan to Make the Idea a Reality

Creswell First! can offer technical support to projects and partners interested in working with us. We can help build strategies and implementation plans.

Find Funding

You can come to Creswell First! with a "fully baked" plan and we can help find or encourage funding.

Accept Donations: Help fund projects through tax-deductible donations.
Fiscal Agent: Help you raise money through grants and tax-deductible donations.
Active Partner: Provide partnership and promotion capacity.

Implement The Project

Put the volunteers and resources to work and make it happen! Creswell First! can help with steward reporting requirements for funding and Creswell First! reflection.