The City Council contracted with Creswell First! Foundation to evaluate applications for city funding to non-profit organizations that serve Creswell citizens and to make funding decisions that most effectively improve the lives of our citizens. For use in 2022 the city provided $19,000 for distribution.

Creswell First! sent grant award information to non-profit organizations and schools in late October 2021 and the board of Creswell First! then reviewed the applications and made funding decisions in early December 2021 for use in 2022.

Community Food for Creswell
The Creswell Food Pantry asked for funds to provide operational costs toward the expense of packaging foods for distribution. The food pantry has seen an increase of 39% since the pandemic began. The new Community Kitchen is being used to make meals for families that are frozen and packaged for distribution. The total request of $3,000 was approved.


Hope and Saftey Alliance
Previously WomenSpace

Provide basic needs to those men and women seeking to escape domestic violence. Survivors need things such as food, utilities, household items, rental assistance, as well as assistance with emergency services and safety planning and needs. Lock changes, security camera, auto repair and temporary safe housing in a hotel.. Funding was requested at $3,000 and was approved and funded.


Creswell Clubhouse

The Clubhouse provides after school and summer programs for 50 to 60 students. The Clubhouse has moved to the Cobalt Activity Center where they have expanded facilities. Funds from this grant will provide staff costs, supplies, and scholarships for families that cannot afford the full costs of the program. A grant award of $3,000 was approved.


Creswell Family Relief Nursery

The Creswell Relief Nursery needs to gain the support and involvement of parents who are under stress. The program has a therapeutic nursery on the grounds of Creslane where pre-school children attend. Successful outreach to the parents requires an increase in home-based services during the pandemic. Funds will be used to help support Family engagement Specialists (including a bi-lingual specialist). While help provided in the home is more staff intensive, it is what is required to meet the needs of parents and children. Funding to increase outreach was requested at $3,000 and was approved and funded.


Family Support Services At Crestlane Creslane

Family Support’s goal is to support our students and their families in this community. We support the students in making their educational experience the best, and the most fluid that we can. We would like to add some items for our small groups we would like to add to our fidget collection, as well as our prizes for kiddos who meet their goals each day. In our small groups we are hoping to add a career theme. We would love to purchase puppets, books, supplies as well as allow for people in the community to come share some time with our groups of students. We would like to purchase some curriculum for emotional/social support. The needs are bigger after the pandemic and all the time these students were away from school in online learning .with the elementary school and integrates them into the school district. The request for $3,000 was approved and funded.


Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center’s goal is to assist families with school age children by connecting them with helpful resources. For these children to be successful in school, basic needs such as food, shelter, electricity, and transportation. Many of these families can’t afford these basic needs and the Resource Center connects them with outside agencies. They also fill in the gaps with their own funding. Creswell First! approved and funded the Resource Center’s request of $3,000 to help these low-income children.


Creswell Heritage Foundation

The school house renovation and restoration has been a project strongly supported by the city council. In 2022 the project upgrades the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems in Creswell’s old schoolhouse. It also constructs an ADA-compliant restroom. The request of $3,000 was approved.


IRC (Intergenerational Reading Collaboration

Children from low-income families lack early interactions that lead to language development, including being read to and access to books in the home. New data show that children from low income families have one-fourth the vocabulary of children from wealthier homes. The IRC proposed installing a book vending machine that had proven to successfully excite students to be able to obtain books of their choosing to bring to their own homes. The IRC application for $3,000 to purchase and install a book vending machine was approved.


Emergency Services Project

This project, operated by Creslane School District provides support for children and parents affected by domestic violence. It provides children with clothing and basic needs when they have had to quickly leave an unsafe situation. Funds may also be used for emergency housing. This project will work closely with the Hope and Safety Alliance.. An award of $3,00 was approved.