Creswell Economic Vitality Summit – Homegrown Prosperity: Building a Better Creswell

Happened: Saturday, September 24, 2016 9a-3p Creswell Middle School 655 W. Oregon Ave Creswell, OR 97426.
Designed by residents of Creswell who care about the community’s economic vitality as well as our small-town way of life, this interactive summit is facilitated by Rural Development Initiatives and will bring community members, stakeholders, and leaders together to generate new ideas and move the community forward with a plan of action
This EV Summit will:
  • Address the current state of leadership at the local and individual levels
  • Address strategies for building a thriving local economy and developing amenities found in a thriving satellite community
  • Generate opportunities for engagement and action steps that each of us can take to support Creswell
Creswell’s Economic Vitality Summit will focus on topics highly relevant to the community. The agenda will include presentations by keynote speaker John Morgan as well as guest speakers; panel discussions featuring local young entrepreneurs and representatives from like-sized communities; and work sessions that allow for the co-design of action steps. Additionally, a small exhibitors gallery will feature local businesses, resource providers, and nonprofits.
Meet our Keynote Speaker John Morgan 
John Morgan is the Executive Director of the Chinook Institute for Civic Leadership and the Leader of the Chinook Institute, the premier leadership development program for top-level public officials on the west coast. Mr. Morgan has spent his career in public service focusing on community development and organizational leadership in government organizations. He is also a former Community Development Director, Planning Director, and City Manager.