Creswell One Stop Giving

Starting in 2017 the Creswell First! One Stop Giving Program has been an easy way for donors to find and support programs that help people in need.

While 2021-22 donations are not yet finished this is the result of the five-year program.

Programs that help our Creswell area community have received:

 $1,510 Creswell First!
   $365 Community Singers
   $795 Creswell Clubhouse
   $680 Vision Assistance
   $350 Creswell at Home
 $1,030 COVID Relief
   $285 Historical Society
   $100 We CAN Help
 $1,050 Educational Foundation
 $2,182 Food for Kids
 $1,470 Heritage Foundation
 $4,877 Food for Creswell
 $5,195 Library Foundation
 $2,737 Creswell Relief Nursery
  $1450 Reading Collaborative
$24,576 Total (as of Dec 30, 2021)