The people of Creswell contributed $2,626 for our end of the year One Stop Donation campaign.
Eight local charities benefited from your generosity.

In December 2017 Creswell First! mailed a flyer to all residents in the 97426 Creswell zip code. The flyer listed local non-profit organizations that serve Creswell and provided residents some brief information and an opportunity to make a donation directly to the organization or to donate through Creswell First! This was the first attempt to reach prospective donors during the holiday season and the mailing went out late in the calendar year. It proved to be a success and will be repeated in 2018 giving residents more advance notice of the opportunity. The results in 2017-18 were:

$385   Creswell at Home

$295   Creswell Educational Foundation

$267   Food for Kids

$335   Creswell Heritage Foundation

$302   Food for Creswell

$450   Creswell Library Foundation

$352   Creswell Relief Nursery

$240   Creswell First!

Total:  $2,626